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Mixed and colorful weddings

Les Coins

Let's reinvent mixed wedding 

Wedding planner specialized in the organization of mixed weddings, I take care of your unique wedding

in Paris and Île de France.


In my opinion, a mixed marriage is a harmonious union of two cultures and two traditions, 

a triumph of love over differences. Far from apprehensions and prejudices, I want to make mixed wedding a poetic and harmonious adventure to convey the message of the richness that is diversity.  

My mission ? Allow the newlyweds and their families to highlight each culture in a modern and elegant setting , and take advantage of this diversity to organize fabulous weddings.



Organizing this unique day can sometimes be an adventure full of pitfalls, especially when traditions get involved.

After years of experience in project management and unconditional love for this wonderful day,  I will organize  your fully tailor-made wedding  in order to  create the unique multicultural wedding that suits you.

Master in the art of compromise, I will know how to use diplomacy and inventiveness to respect the traditions in an atmosphere that is both modern and refined.



Need you  to project? 
I suggest you find  some photos of the weddings I had the chance to organize.


"Thank you and many thanks Deshani. Your help was really invaluable. You are the perfect wedding. We are happy to have met you for our union.

You have met all of our expectations. A great professional.


Deshani is the person for you. You say

"Yes", but first, say "yes" to Deshani!

Faustine and Pierre - September 7, 2019


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Les Coins Heureux Journal 

Do you want to know everything about the organization of your wedding in Paris? You will find on the blog my enlightened opinions on different subjects, articles, advice and many ideas to help you organize your mixed wedding. 

Happy corners is a wedding planner service specializing in mixed weddings in Paris and the Ile de France,  if you are looking for a wedding planner specializing in mixed weddings in Paris or in France, you can contact me via the contact page of the Les Coins Happy website.  Find everything you need to know to organize your tailor-made mixed wedding in Paris by looking at all the articles in the newspaper that talks about the organization of mixed weddings in Ile de France. A mixed marriage is a marriage that mixes religions, Judeo-Christian marriage, marriages  Islamic-Christian,  Hindu-Christian marriages,  Buddhist Christian ,. A mixed marriage is also a marriage between different  cultures, whether Catholic or even atheist, Western, African, Asian, Indian, North African or Turkish. Happy Coins will adapt to the specific needs of the organization of a  mixed marriage in Paris and in the Ile de France, the passage in front of the rabbi,  the imam  or the parish priest,  whether at the synagogue,  at the mosque, church or temple. In the guestbook you will find testimonials from mixed couples who have entrusted me with the organization of their tailor-made wedding in Paris.

The organization of mixed weddings is above all a passion for me, as a Parisian wedding planner it is important for me to organize the best mixed weddings in Ile de France.  If you want to know how to organize a mixed marriage with the coronavirus crisis, find my article on the newspaper which deals with the subject. I offer various services for mixed weddings, find the details of my rates and my wedding planner mixed wedding services in Paris and in Ile de France on the services and service page of the Happy corners site.

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